C.S.I. Episodes

C.S.I is a crime drama series. It is about a team of forensic investigators who solve crimes by examining the evidence left at the crime scene. The criminalists in the drama try to find missing pieces to figure out who the criminal is. CSI: Las Vegas was the first series, followed by CSI: Miami and CSI: New York.

The tenth season is now available. The team includes Catherine Willows, the head of the team, Dr. Raymond Langston, a pathologist, Nick Stokes, who empathizes with victims, and Greg Sander, a tech analyst. Capt. Jim Brass, Dr. Albert Robins, David Phillips, David Hodges, and Wendy Simms are also important characters we should focus on.

I am going to be analyzing C.S.I. episodes to talk about the science hidden in each episode.

CLICK ON “C.S.I. Analysis” tab on the right to see the analysis of C.S.I. episodes.

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