My blog’s topic can be very hard to understand if you have no interest in forensics.

I found a great video that might help you understand the basics.

So, unlike the drama C.S.I., in the real world, many people are engaged into one single crime. In the drama, only two or three people investigate. The same people investigate the crime scene, come back to the laboratory, and then analyze the evidence. However, in the real world, many different people, specializing in many different fields all come together and do their job.

There is the investigating side, and there is the laboratory side in C.S.I. I, personally, am more interested in the laboratory aspects of the forensics. As the person in the video has said, I think I will be studying science like biology and chemistry and then go to graduate school and get a master’s degree in forensic science if I am still interested in it after graduating.

CLICK ON “BASIC INFORMATION” tab on the right to explore the basics of C.S.I.

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